You can now get a live data feed straight into Excel from Montel Online, at the click of a button. The Software Scenario Excel Feeder -XLF - is an integrated add-in for Microsoft Excel 2003 / 2007.

The convenient add-in appears as a button on the toolbar in Excel. By clicking the button, a separate window appears, where you can navigate your way to markets and contracts you subscribe to via Montel Online. You can then drag desired data into an area on an Excel spreadsheet, and XLF will make sure that your workbook stays up to date.

You can also use XLF to download historical data. Historical data includes open/high/low/close, spot data and intraday trades, for both active and expired contracts.

All data channeled to an Excel spreadsheet via XLF can of course be used for reference against other cells and spreadsheets.

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